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Are you worried about your high asset divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2015 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce |

How different California couples choose to prepare for their lives in marriage can vary greatly. Similarly, how those couples then choose to approach the challenging process of divorce can also be very different. Whether the couples have kids, own property or have experienced a number of other life events can drastically influence their perspectives on how to disentangle their lives from those of their partners.

Individuals who with their spouses earn high incomes and who possess extensive wealth through investments and property holdings may have particularly unique viewpoints on how their divorces should proceed. The law firm of Dianne Drew Butler & Associates includes as part of its divorce practice the representation of individuals facing high asset divorces. A high asset divorce is different from other divorces in a number of important ways.

In a high asset divorce, a couple may face a multitude of decisions regarding how to split property. Complex asset division problems may arise when couples attempt to organize and fairly separate retirement accounts, insurance policies, private investments, real property holdings and even items of personal property that are of high economic value. Individuals can benefit from working with legal representatives who understand the complexities of dividing extensive martial assets.

Additionally, and though it is not always the case, divorces between people of significant personal wealth can occur later in those individuals’ lives. After spending years building up personal fortunes, some people may find their retirement plans in question when their spouses begin pursuing the termination of their marriages. Representation that recognizes the nuances of preserving wealth can help individuals with this goal in mind.

A high asset divorce has many similarities with a divorce between individuals of average means. However, separate considerations may apply to the decision-making processes of people who must divide their large wealth. Attorneys like those of the Dianne Drew Butler & Associates law firm can provide their high wealth clients with the information they need to make good choices during their divorces.