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Summer break and the divorce process

Parents who are dealing with a divorce may be going through many hurdles, both in their personal lives and their professional lives too. As a parent, bringing a marriage to an end can be very tough, especially in regard to the potential impact the divorce may have on kids. Those who end their marriage during the summer may be especially concerned about this aspect of their divorce since their kids are out of school. There are, however, a number of possible strategies for parents who are worried about this aspect of the divorce process.

For starters, parents who discuss their divorce with their children may be able to prepare their kids for the changes that are coming and help them through this potentially turbulent time. Aside from providing your child with reassurance, it is helpful to lower your stress levels and do all you can to make your divorce easier for everyone involved. By reviewing the options that you have and making sure that you have pinpointed the best approach, you may be able to simplify the divorce process and lower the emotional impact of your divorce. For some parents, the collaborative approach to divorce is especially beneficial, although not all couples are able to work together to bring their marriage to an end.

Tracking down assets your spouse may hide

If your marriage is coming to an end, it is possible that there were trust issues long before the divorce procedure began. If these issues involved your family finances, you may have reason to feel concerned about how your property division will go. California law says that money and other assets acquired during your marriage belong to both of you, and you have a right to your half during a divorce.

There are numerous factors that may allow your spouse the opportunity to hide assets from you during property division. If you were not active in the household budget, if you did not work outside the home or if you did not know your spouse's income, you may have inadvertently allowed your spouse to stash money away without you even noticing it was missing. Nevertheless, to obtain your fair share, you may have to track it down.

Child support payments and emotional challenges

Those who are dealing with family law matters may have emotional challenges for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes, simply dealing with the divorce process and adjusting to life without a spouse can result in depression, anxiety or other negative emotions. Moreover, those who have kids may be especially prone to suffer from an emotional standpoint during and after their divorce. Financial issues, such as child support obligations, can make someone especially likely to encounter emotional hurdles, which can get in the way of other important aspects of life (such as affecting their performance at work).

If you are required to pay child support, you may feel angry or you could have a lot of anxiety about your ability to keep making payments. For example, you may worry about how you will stay current on your obligations if you lose your job, work fewer hours or run into financial difficulties for some other reason. Moreover, you may feel as if the child support payments you are required to make place too much strain on your life.

Gambling addiction and divorce

Couples make the decision to end their marriage for countless reasons, but the divorce process can be particularly challenging for some people. Those experiencing financial problems may be especially worried about how their divorce will impact their finances, and some people may have other financial concerns outside of their divorce. For example, someone who has a gambling problem may have difficulty paying child support or alimony, and in some cases a gambling problem may even be responsible for the failure of a marriage. Whether you struggle with gambling or you decided to break up with your former partner because of their gambling habit, it is important to be aware of these issues during and after your divorce.

People who are buried in debt because of gambling may wonder how their debts will be affected by their divorce, and some people who struggle with a gambling addiction may find that their habit becomes even more unmanageable due to divorce-related stress. Some people may even develop a gambling problem in the wake of their divorce. Regardless of your circumstances, it is important to watch out for these issues if you or your ex struggle with gambling.

California divorces and pet custody

If you have a dog, cat or another type of pet, you know the special bond that often develops between humans and their animal companions. Many California residents have pets and commonly refer to them as members of their family. Some people who do not have children have even been known to refer to their dogs and cats as their fur babies. Contrary to this, for a long time the law in California seemed to consider pets just pieces of property when a couple got divorced.

As reported by NBC News, however, that has all changed now. Effective January 1, 2019, a new law went into effect that directed divorce courts to treat pets like children rather than inanimate pieces of property during marital divorces. This means a divorce decree might stipulate custody arrangements and even might include provisions for shared custody.

Man arguing that preserved embryo is not property

While prenuptial (and even postnuptial) agreements may not seem incredibly romantic or even supportive a marriage's long-term success, more and more people in Stockton may be seeing the logic behind them. Essentially, they can avoid the potential of disputes arising should couple's divorce given that the treatment of their property is clearly spelt out. However, those that do sign them should think long and hard about what they are doing, because once pen has been put to paper to validate such an agreement, challenging its terms can be extremely difficult. 

A Florida man is currently learning this the hard way. After he and his now ex-wife married, they decided they wanted to have children together (on top of the seven they already shared between the two of them). They conceived through in-vitro fertilization, and during the process, preserved one embryo in case they wanted to have another child. Both signed an agreement at the time stating they were they to divorce, the embryo would be destroyed. 

Divorce and eating disorders

Many people focus on some of the financial repercussions of divorce when they are bringing their marriage to a close, such as the amount of child support that they will receive or pay, or the manner in which their marital property will be divided. Others may focus on the emotional toll of the divorce process, and negative emotions such as depression and anxiety can give rise to other difficulties. For example, some people may develop an eating disorder as a result of their divorce, and it is vital for one to do all they can to prevent these problems, which can make life harder.

People may binge eat or develop another eating-related disorder (such as anorexia) for multiple reasons. For example, someone may feel as if it does not matter whether they take care of their health and appearance any more since they no longer live with their partner. Or, someone may feel as if their marriage failed because of their weight, prompting them to develop anorexia and place their health in danger. Both of these issues should be addressed immediately, and people should do everything they can to eat healthy both during and after their divorce.

Things to consider if you're thinking about divorce

Hundreds, if not thousands, of California residents will get divorced before 2019 ends. If you're among spouses who are thinking about filing, it's a good idea to consider some important issues before you take formal action in court. If you're a parent, then your children's best interests are undoubtedly one of your highest priorities. However, you'll also want to keep your own interests in mind as well, especially those pertaining to finances.

It's true that many people encounter serious financial challenges as they adapt to post-divorce lifestyles, but if you know how to protect your rights, it's often possible to walk away without breaking the bank. Devising a thorough plan in your mind before filing a petition can help you avoid obstacles as you navigate the family law system.

Sleep problems during the divorce process

From financial issues associated with property division and child support to the amount of time that may need to be devoted to working through a divorce, ending your marriage can bring on a number of challenges. For some people, this may lead to sleep problems, while others may have an especially hard time during the divorce process as a result of an existing sleep disorder. It is very important for people to do everything they can to pursue a favorable outcome during their divorce, especially if critical issues such as a custody dispute are at play. Not only does this include lowering stress levels and staying focused but getting a sufficient amount of sleep is also very important.

People may struggle to fall asleep or have difficulty staying asleep before and during their divorce. For example, someone may not have anticipated a divorce, and when their spouse announces that they are going to file for a divorce they may be emotionally distraught. This can have a number of consequences and may cause sleep problems, which can carry over into other aspects of life (such as adversely affecting one in the workplace). Moreover, someone who is always tired and sleep-deprived may have a more difficult time when trying to deal with various family law issues.

How do I tell people about my divorce?

If you and your spouse have decided to get a divorce, at some point you will need to break this news to your friends and family members. You will also end up having to tell other people who you may not be as close to like your co-workers, neighbors, teachers at your children's school or others. Figuring out how to do this may not always be easy. As recommended by Psychology Today, it is worth your time and effort to think carefully about what you say and when you say it.

One thing to do when deciding how to tell others about your divorce is to focus on what you want them to think about you and how you want them to view your approach to the situation. Putting your attention here rather than on the nitty gritty details of your divorce can help to avoid talking about some of the specifics you may not wish to delve into with everyone. It may also help you to maintain a more positive approach to conversations.

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