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High net worth issues make some divorces particularly unique

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2015 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce |

The parties to marital dissolutions make every divorce different. No two California couples will have exactly the same successes and problems as they work through their familial and property responsibilities. It can seem, however, that the more property a couple has, the more decisions they must make during divorce. During a high asset divorce, high net worth issues can make the process particularly complex for wealthy individuals.

One reason why property interests are so complex in a high asset divorce is because individuals with high incomes often own more articles of real, tangible, and intangible property than those of more modest means. Parties with a high net worth may have private homes, vacation residences, rental properties and other real property items. They may also have more numerous and more complex financial accounts, with some located and managed from international locales. Their retirement plans may take on complicated formats that require experts to analyze and divide during divorce.

Couples going through complicated high asset divorces may need help from financial experts in order to successfully handle their complex asset division. As they work through the requirements of completing their California divorces, they will also need legal help. Getting help in both arenas can begin by selecting the right divorce representation.

The law firm of Dianne Drew Butler & Associates has successfully helped many individuals going through high net worth divorces. The attorneys utilize the assistance of professionals outside the legal field to ensure that their clients understand the ramifications of making particular divorce-related financial decisions. Many high net worth issues can create unique complications in a California divorce, but the support of the right legal representatives can help parties understand and work through their financial concerns.