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A later-in-life divorce may affect your finances

Divorce can happen at any stage of a San Joaquin County couple's marriage. The partners to the relationship may discover shortly after tying the knot that they are not compatible as a married couple. The discovery that they should not be married may not occur until after they have lived together for some time and maybe even had children. For some, realizing that divorce is a necessity does not happen until decades after the wedding and when the couple has amassed a fair amount of wealth.

Can a noncustodial parent ever avoid paying child support?

Child support and custody in the California courts are multifaceted matters that must address the various needs of a child. Child custody determinations establish where a child will reside; if and when he will see his noncustodial parent; and who will have power to make decisions about his health, education, and welfare. Such decisions are relatively subjective given the facts of the child's case and are primarily based on making choices that serve the child's best interests.

Child custody disputes can lead to cases of family abduction

Coming up with an acceptable child custody schedule can be an incredible challenge for San Joaquin County parents. With so many factors to consider, including the best interests of the child subject to the schedule, it is inevitable that in many custody situations, both parents will have to make concessions. When a parent refuses to accommodate the needs of others or otherwise ignores the mandates of a child custody order or agreement, legal remedies exist that can compel compliance.

High net worth issues make some divorces particularly unique

The parties to marital dissolutions make every divorce different. No two California couples will have exactly the same successes and problems as they work through their familial and property responsibilities. It can seem, however, that the more property a couple has, the more decisions they must make during divorce. During a high asset divorce, high net worth issues can make the process particularly complex for wealthy individuals.

What should I look for in a family law mediator?

The courts of California allow parties to achieve divorces in a number of ways. Parties may pursue traditional divorces through litigation in the court system. They may also engage in collaborative divorce in which each party has a lawyer and the soon-to-be ex-spouses work together to resolve the details of their divorce. Divorcing couples may also seek an even more amicable way to settle their divorce issues, and that is through mediation.

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