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What are some common questions about receiving child support?

If you receive child support in California, then you may have some questions about the process. While the court ordered the support payments and maintains control over the legal aspects of child support, the Department of Child Support Services manages your case. One aspect of your case management involves how you receive payment.

How child support is calculated in California

According to California Family Code, section 4503, both mother and father or former partners are mutually responsible for the support of their shared children. Furthermore, both parents must pay for the support of the child per each's ability. To ensure that parents fulfill their support obligations, the state of California requires family judges to order child support in divorce and child custody cases.

Are there rules for how I can spend child support?

It is a common misconception that parents can only use child support to pay for a child's most basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing. The truth is that you, as a recipient parent in California, can use child support for any and all costs associated with raising your child, including those related to entertainment, sports, extracurricular activities, child care, medical care and even vacations.

Child support provides kids with necessary financial care

Child support is an important way that parents provide for their kids, though a number of factors can complicate the process of meeting a child's needs. The law firm of Dianne Drew Butler & Associates, conveniently located in Stockton, provides complete legal services for individuals struggling with their child support obligations.

Determining eligibility for a claim for child support

A child support plan can be established in conjunction with the settlement of a California divorce. When individuals end their marriages, they must address a number of legal issues related to their families and finances. Among the most important matters many couples must address is how they will responsibly co-parent and raise their shared children.

Child support helps children transition after parents' divorce

The attorneys and staff of Dianne Drew Butler & Associates recognize the challenges that all members of a family may experience when two people divorce. Though the individuals subject to the dissolving marriage may have to deal with the divorce firsthand, their children also have to manage many divorce-related issues in addition to their everyday responsibilities. One way that Stockton parents can try to help ease the burden of divorce on their kids is by having the children's financial needs proactively addressed.

What are my options for addressing late child support payments?

As has been addressed on this San Joaquin County family law blog, child support is the payment of money from one parent to another for the support and maintenance of their shared children. Generally a noncustodial parent is required to provide child support; that is to say that if a child does not live with a parent or if a parent does not have physical custody of a child then that parent will be required to pay support for the child's upbringing. Though both parents are generally expected to provide for their kids, custodial parents do so on a daily basis through physical contact with their children.

Children are entitled to the enforcement of child support orders

Battles between parents in California about child support obligations can sometimes overshadow the entire point of having child support orders in place: the financial sustenance of the child born to the individuals. Having a child support order enforced is not just about compelling one parent to do something that he or she may not want to do, but rather to make sure the child gets what he or she needs from the people who are legally responsible for caring for them. Because the best interests of the child are paramount when it comes to having child support orders enforced, courts are often willing to compel compliance in favor of children.

Reasons that individuals challenge or change child support orders

In generations past, California residents often went to work for organizations and stayed with those entities for the entirety of their working lives. Now it is not uncommon for working people to change jobs five, six, or even more times during the course of their career. They may leave their industries to embark on new paths, they may uproot their lives to begin careers in new locations, or they may be forced to change jobs due to market demands or layoffs.

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