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Helping You Annul Your Marriage

At Dianne Drew Butler & Associates, Inc., we have a comprehensive knowledge of family law matters, including the nullity of marriage. We have protected the rights of men and women across the Central Valley in California since 1986, focusing our practice exclusively on family law for more than 30 years.

We emphasize problem-solving and communication, working closely with you to identify and implement creative solutions to your legal problems. Our attorneys will carefully explain the law and process, as well as your rights and options, so that you always have a realistic expectation of what will happen.

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When Can You Seek The Nullity Of A Marriage?

Under California law, there is no such thing as “annulment”. Rather, the term used is “nullity of a marriage”. Contrary to popular belief, obtaining a declaration of nullity of a marriage is not possible for every person who is married. In California, the nullity of a marriage is permissible only under very specific circumstances, including situations where:

  • One of the parties was under the age of consent at the time of the marriage
  • One of the parties was still legally married to another person at the time of the marriage
  • One of the parties lacked the mental capacity to enter into marriage at the time of the ceremony
  • One of the parties used either fraud or force to induce the other party to enter the marriage
  • One of the parties lacked the physical capacity to consummate the marriage

We understand the laws governing the nullity of marriage and will work closely with you to determine whether you are eligible for an annulment of your marriage. If so, we will prepare and file all the necessary documentation to complete the nullity of marriage and will appear on your behalf in any hearings or proceedings required.

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