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Mediators help sort out financial aspects of divorce

A Stockton resident who chooses to divorce his spouse may place the well-being of himself and his children above all other considerations when it comes to bringing about the end of his marriage. However, despite the serious emotional challenges that divorces can impose on individuals and their families, divorces also can place heavy financial burdens on people who must untangle their lives from those of their partners. In California, divorcing parties can use mediation to work out the personal and monetary angles of their marital dissolutions.

Can a divorce compromise my immigration status?

Love knows no boundaries. As such, it is not unusual for Californians to fall in love with people who are from and reside in different countries. Though a marriage between an American citizen and a citizen of another nation is possible, the union can pose complications when it comes to establishing immigration status for the non-American national within the borders of the United States.

Not all couples, divorces are well-suited to mediation

Couples in California may pursue divorce through either litigation in the courts or mediation with a mediator. Though there are many ways that mediation can facilitate successful divorces for some people, not every couple is well-suited for the mediation process. There are a host of reasons that may prevent divorcing couples from successfully ending their marriages through mediation, and this blog post will explore only a few of them.

Divorce mediation can be a wise financial decision

A divorce does not only remove a relationship from a person's life, it can also remove a great deal of wealth from a person's portfolio. Part of the divorce process involves splitting up the assets that the partner's to a couple shared during their period of marriage. In California, couples who choose to end their relationships may do so through traditional litigation or through divorce mediation.

Can my spouse and I just mediate our property division?

Divorce mediation is an alternative way for a California couple to approach the end of their marriage. Unlike litigation, which used to be the traditional way that many people chose for completing their divorces, in mediation a couple takes control of their own decision-making processes and works together to settle their shared divorce legal issues. During mediation, the couple may choose to address all of the decisions they will need to make in order to bring about the end of the marriage. Mediation may also just be used for some parts of the couple's divorce, such as settling child custody arrangements or establishing a settlement for the couple's property.

What is divorce mediation and how can it help with my divorce?

A number of issues may be disputed during the divorce process including property division, spousal support, child support and child custody. Though disagreements can grow contentious, many may be worked out through the process of divorce mediation. Couples approaching divorce today may wonder what the divorce mediation process is and how it can help them with their divorce.

Divorce mediation does not mean going your divorce alone

Attorneys play an active role in courtroom divorces and represent their clients during judicial processes like hearings. In California, individuals going into divorce proceedings have the right to select and hire their own divorce lawyers to help them along the way. However, formal courtroom divorces are not always the best ways of achieving divorces for partners who can work together to end their marriage.

Mediation gives parties more control during divorce

Going through a divorce can make a person feel as though she has very little control over the events of her life. The process of her divorce is often governed by the rules of the court and the laws of the state in which she lives. If she and her soon-to-be ex-spouse had a prenuptial agreement, some of the property-based decisions about the marital dissolution may be established even before the first court hearings.

Celebrity couple chooses mediation for its divorce

This California family law blog has dedicated prior posts to discussing both the benefits and potential drawbacks of using mediation to bring about the end of a marriage. While divorce mediation may not be for all couples, those who are able to work together often find that their divorce resolutions are peaceful and that they are satisfied with the outcomes of the process. One celebrity couple that has recently filed for divorce appears to have chosen divorce mediation as the path through which they will sever their relationship.

Let us help you with your divorce mediation

Divorces can be challenging. Even when Stockton couples agree that it is time to end their marital relationships, there can be a number of issues that arise over which the partners simply cannot agree. From how property should be divided to how the parents should spend time with their kids, even peaceable divorces can suffer setbacks when unexpected differences stand in couples' ways.

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