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Child support payments and emotional challenges

Those who are dealing with family law matters may have emotional challenges for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes, simply dealing with the divorce process and adjusting to life without a spouse can result in depression, anxiety or other negative emotions. Moreover, those who have kids may be especially prone to suffer from an emotional standpoint during and after their divorce. Financial issues, such as child support obligations, can make someone especially likely to encounter emotional hurdles, which can get in the way of other important aspects of life (such as affecting their performance at work).

Do child support payments affect income taxes?

If your divorce decree includes a child support agreement, there may be changes to your federal or state of California income tax returns. The relationship between income tax guidelines and child support payments may be complex, and it is subject to alteration under certain circumstances. The effects your child support payments have on your taxes may change if you modify the custody arrangements or if there are updates to federal or state tax codes.  

What should you figure out before paying child support?

Californian parents who are going through the divorce process will need to figure out what they intend to do in regard to child support. Figuring out who pays how much is crucial. So is sticking to support payment plans, as there can be strict penalties for missing payments.

What happens if you cannot pay child support?

If you have received a requirement from the state of California to pay child support payments to your ex, you are under legal obligation to be timely and consistent with following through. However, what happens if you reach a point where you are unable to continue making payments due to financial hardship or unexpected life events? Understanding how to go about disclosing your inability is imperative to avoid dangerous consequences. 

Do teen parents have to pay child support?

Pregnancy can be scary at any age, but when you get pregnant and are still a teenager, it compounds the worries. One of the biggest challenges of having a baby in California is figuring out how you will support it. Babies cost a lot of money. From formula to diapers and in the years to come, you may struggle to afford the things your child needs. However, you should not be doing it alone. The baby's father, even if he is a teenager, must pay child support unless you are married.

What are some common questions about receiving child support?

If you receive child support in California, then you may have some questions about the process. While the court ordered the support payments and maintains control over the legal aspects of child support, the Department of Child Support Services manages your case. One aspect of your case management involves how you receive payment.

How child support is calculated in California

According to California Family Code, section 4503, both mother and father or former partners are mutually responsible for the support of their shared children. Furthermore, both parents must pay for the support of the child per each's ability. To ensure that parents fulfill their support obligations, the state of California requires family judges to order child support in divorce and child custody cases.

Are there rules for how I can spend child support?

It is a common misconception that parents can only use child support to pay for a child's most basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing. The truth is that you, as a recipient parent in California, can use child support for any and all costs associated with raising your child, including those related to entertainment, sports, extracurricular activities, child care, medical care and even vacations.

Child support provides kids with necessary financial care

Child support is an important way that parents provide for their kids, though a number of factors can complicate the process of meeting a child's needs. The law firm of Dianne Drew Butler & Associates, conveniently located in Stockton, provides complete legal services for individuals struggling with their child support obligations.

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