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Alimony can affect a recipient's income tax liability

Each April, Stockton residents must tabulate their earnings and submit their tax returns to the state and federal governments. Though many individuals are most concerned about whether they will owe more money in taxes or whether they will receive a refund, others may have questions about what income they must actually report in order to provide accurate records. Some forms of payments between current and former family members must be reported as income on an individual's tax returns, and spousal support is one of those types of payments.

Remarriage ends an alimony obligation

Most people believe that their marriages will last forever, but for many Californians this is simply not the case. Divorce is a prevalent practice for those individuals who believe that their lives will improve if they sever their legal ties to their marital partners. While divorce can provide some with a new beginning in their lives, for others divorce brings about the end of a marriage but not the end of a person's connection to a former spouse.

Permanent alimony is a long-term obligation

Alimony, also called spousal support, is the payment of financial support from one individual to another after the end of their marriage. In California a husband or wife can be obligated to a former spouse under a variety of forms of alimony. One such form of alimony is permanent alimony, and as its name implies it can be an obligation that lasts for a long period of time.

How to approach spousal support requests

The divorce process can result in many complicated and emotional issues. Spousal support, also referred to as alimony, can be one of the challenging divorce-related issues divorcing couples may face. For recipient spouses, spousal support may be viewed as an important necessity. For paying spouses, spousal support may be viewed as a significant challenge.

Your contributions to the marriage may warrant alimony

Depending upon the financial needs of their family, married individuals in Stockton may choose to work or stay home to best serve the interests of their spouses and children. When a person leaves home each day to earn an income, it may be clear that his or her contribution is monetary. His or her partner's contributions may be equally as important but significantly more difficult to quantify in terms of economic value.

Can I stop paying alimony if my ex is living with someone else?

Moving on after a divorce can be a challenging prospect for some Stockton residents. While they may desire to find new opportunities for love and relationships, they may also be hesitant to jump into new commitments when they are still recovering from a failed marriage. Every person has the right to move forward at the speed that is right for him or her following a divorce. But, those who receive alimony may want to understand an important aspect of California law that can impact their financial stability due to their new personal relationships.

A couple's standard of living considered when determining alimony

When a California court makes a determination about long-term or permanent alimony, it must evaluate a number of considerations stipulated in the California Family Code. One of those considerations focuses on the standard of living that the couple experienced during the marriage.

A person's earning capacity is factored into an alimony award

In some Stockton families, both parents work outside of the home. In others, one parent works primarily in an out-of-the-home occupation, while the other works primarily on the management of the household. In either scenario, should the parents in a family divorce, the California court evaluating its marital dissolution will assess the earning capacities of the individuals when deciding if alimony should be awarded.

Are you in need of rehabilitative support?

Depending upon the circumstances of a California couple's divorce, spousal support may be available for one of the involved parties. Support or spousal maintenance generally takes the form of a monthly payment that is provided from an income-earning individual to his or her ex-spouse for a period of time that is established by the couple's divorce court as well as is outlined in California law. There are a variety of kinds of support that a person may receive from his or her ex, and one of those kinds of spousal support is called rehabilitative support.

The timing of a divorce can impact post-marriage support

They are two popular entertainment celebrities who have seen their respective star powers reach incredible heights over the last several decades. With three children and an apparently comfortable lifestyle in California, actors Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck may seem to have the relationship of other people’s dreams. However, even this high-profile couple has not been immune from a situation that grips countless marital partnerships each year: Garner and Affleck recently announced that they will divorce.

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