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4 tips for sharing custody after divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2019 | Child Custody |

Throughout the divorce process, you have kept your children’s best interests in mind. But now that everything is final, you hope to move on and create a stable home for them. Even though you share custody time with your ex-spouse, you want your kids to have a sense of normalcy.

Sharing custody doesn’t have to be difficult. As you shift into life after divorce, you and your former spouse can work together to provide your children with stability. Here are a few tips for successful co-parenting:

  • Put your children first – Sharing custody is about making sure your children get to see both parents. Keeping that in mind can help you manage disagreements.
  • Take your children’s input into consideration – Let your children voice their opinions on the custody arrangement. This input can help you plan around their schedule as well.
  • Don’t speak ill of your former spouse – Despite all the emotions and feelings you may have about your ex, he or she is still your children’s parent. The way your ex acted as a spouse doesn’t make him or her a bad parent.
  • Communication is important – Finding a way to communicate can help the two of you manage any problems or schedule changes. If you have trouble talking on the phone or in person, you can use email, text messages or even online calendars.

As you transition to post-divorce life, you want to help your children adjust. A positive co-parenting plan can help them deal with the stress of the divorce.

By working together to share custody, you can create a new normal for your children.