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Sleep problems during the divorce process

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News |

From financial issues associated with property division and child support to the amount of time that may need to be devoted to working through a divorce, ending your marriage can bring on a number of challenges. For some people, this may lead to sleep problems, while others may have an especially hard time during the divorce process as a result of an existing sleep disorder. It is very important for people to do everything they can to pursue a favorable outcome during their divorce, especially if critical issues such as a custody dispute are at play. Not only does this include lowering stress levels and staying focused but getting a sufficient amount of sleep is also very important.

People may struggle to fall asleep or have difficulty staying asleep before and during their divorce. For example, someone may not have anticipated a divorce, and when their spouse announces that they are going to file for a divorce they may be emotionally distraught. This can have a number of consequences and may cause sleep problems, which can carry over into other aspects of life (such as adversely affecting one in the workplace). Moreover, someone who is always tired and sleep-deprived may have a more difficult time when trying to deal with various family law issues.

If you are experiencing sleep problems as a result of your divorce, you should do everything you can to address this. Reviewing your options and establishing some peace of mind could be very helpful in this regard.