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Sharing custody of children can be positive and fulfilling

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2019 | Child Custody, Firm News |

When parents are faced with the seemingly daunting task of arranging a shared custody arrangement during their divorce in California, the chances that they are able to amicably and respectfully share the parenting responsibilities of their children may seem incredibly far-fetched. However, with a bit of commitment and the willingness to acknowledge that flexibility and sacrifice are inevitable, parents can turn a shared custody arrangement into something positive and rewarding for themselves and their children. 

According to familyeducation.com, people may need to reevaluate their ability to communicate with their ex when it comes time to agree on a child custody arrangement. When they lived together, did they fight a lot? Were they unable to speak kindly and cordially to each other? If this is the case, parents should discuss ground rules and work hard to develop a respectful and civil relationship despite their marriage ending. Being able to communicate with each other is the foundation for any agreement to work optimally for everyone involved. 

LiveAbout suggests that each parent show respect to their ex when it is his or her turn to assume parenting responsibilities. If they have concerns, they should be brought up in a manner that is inquisitive rather than vengeful. They should also commit to putting the needs of their children at the top of their list of priorities, even when these needs seem inconvenient or difficult to manage. Parents should also work hard to develop open communication with their children to help them feel comfortable discussing issues that may be of concern to them.