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How to ring in the holidays without co-parent problems

If you are one of many California parents who are navigating the holidays for the first time since a divorce, you may also be one of many who are a bit worried about the potential stress that could arise if you and your co-parent aren't able to get through it all without contention. Divorce is never easy, and you can have the best of intentions to compromise and cooperate as needed, then find yourself facing serious problems if things don't go as you'd hoped they might.

What are some guidelines for dividing property?

Your divorce in California can be made easier by working with your spouse to create your divorce agreement. One area that often is contentious is the division of property. However, when you work together on this, you can avoid having the court step in and make decisions that you may not agree with. This process may not always be easy, but there are guidelines to keep in mind to help it go as smoothly as possible.

Paying spousal support after a costly health crisis

Divorce can bring on many different financial changes, such as managing your finances independently. Some people may have new financial obligations in the wake of their divorce, such as spousal support payments. Whether you are unsure of how much spousal support you will be obligated to pay or you are struggling with making spousal support payments on time due to challenges you are going through, such as a health crisis that has been physically and financially demanding, it is pivotal to know which options you may have.

Ground for divorce in California

You have probably heard through advertising or news stories that California is a "no-fault" state when it comes to divorce. It is for this very reason why so many that we here at Dianne Drew Butler & Associates, Inc. work with in Stockton express surprise when asked what their grounds for divorce are. At first glance, you too might also question why you need to cite grounds for divorce in a no-fault scenario. However, a quick explanation as to how these two concepts fit together might clear up your confusion. 

Your spouse opened a bank account for your child. Is it suspect?

When you and your spouse decided to file papers in a California court to obtain a divorce, you likely agreed that both of you would try to keep your children's best interests in mind. That may be why you thought nothing of it when your spouse opened a bank account for one of your kids; in fact, you may have thought it was kind and helpful.

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