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Domestic violence and custody matters

There are many different issues that can affect a family law case, but domestic violence is an area of particular concern. Whether a parent is wrongly accused of family violence or a child is subjected to abuse, these allegations can be extremely concerning and there may be much at stake. Furthermore, the way in which domestic violence accusations are handled in the courtroom can have a significant impact on the future of parents and their children, which underlines how vital it is to work through these matters appropriately.

Social media and your custody case

There are all sorts of different factors that can have an impact on a case involving child custody, such as a parent’s income, the child’s own preferences and domestic violence. In the digital age, additional considerations have arisen when it comes to child custody cases. For example, the information that someone shares via social media could have an impact on their custody case. Whether you are worried about the type of information you should share online or are concerned about something that your child’s other parent has shared, it is very important to be careful.

How child support is calculated in California

According to California Family Code, section 4503, both mother and father or former partners are mutually responsible for the support of their shared children. Furthermore, both parents must pay for the support of the child per each's ability. To ensure that parents fulfill their support obligations, the state of California requires family judges to order child support in divorce and child custody cases.

False accusations of domestic violence in divorce

Accusations of domestic violence in any California divorce can have a detrimental impact on the outcome for the accused. For this reason, California courts treat allegations extremely seriously and investigate each claim in depth before making any final determinations. If a court discovers that a person falsely accused another of the crime, it may charge the person who made the false allegations with perjury.  

When joint custody is not always what is best

California takes the best interests of a child into consideration first and foremost when determining custody. Though best interest standards typically dictate that equal and active involvement on both parent's parts is in the child's best interests, a legal or physical joint custody arrangement may not be appropriate for your unique situation. At Dianne Drew Butler & Associates, Inc., we have helped dozens of parents establish custody arrangements that are in the best interests of the children involved.  

Collaboration: the way to stronger custody agreements

Divorce is a complex and difficult process, and it can often cause disruption in the lives of the kids. Many California parents work diligently to protect their children from undue harm by drafting parenting plans and custody arrangements that will work for their unique family situation. There are various ways you can arrive at a workable out-of-court arrangement.

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