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Mediators help sort out financial aspects of divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2016 | Divorce Mediation, Firm News |

A Stockton resident who chooses to divorce his spouse may place the well-being of himself and his children above all other considerations when it comes to bringing about the end of his marriage. However, despite the serious emotional challenges that divorces can impose on individuals and their families, divorces also can place heavy financial burdens on people who must untangle their lives from those of their partners. In California, divorcing parties can use mediation to work out the personal and monetary angles of their marital dissolutions.

In particular, divorce mediation may be used to settle negotiations about child and spousal support. It can also be used to divide up a couple’s property in a property division agreement as well as establish a division of marital debts. In some situations, mediation can help keep divorce costs down as it is often possible for the parties to completely settle their divorce without having to resort to litigation.

Divorce mediation is not a service offered by all California family law firms. It is an area of the family law field of practice that is only offered by those firms that are qualified to include it in their legal services. When looking into divorce mediation as a possible way to bring an end to one’s marriage an interested party needs to investigate firms that have a history of providing trusted mediation services.

Dianne Drew Butler of the law firm of Dianne Drew Butler & Associates is a divorce mediator. Though mediation may not be a suitable choice for all divorcing couples, it can offer individuals who are willing to work with their spouses a chance to bring party-driven resolutions to their divorce decisions. Whether a client needs help settling some or all of the choices related to his divorce, Dianne Drew Butler is available to offer professional divorce mediation services.