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Child support helps children transition after parents’ divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2016 | Child Support, Firm News |

The attorneys and staff of Dianne Drew Butler & Associates recognize the challenges that all members of a family may experience when two people divorce. Though the individuals subject to the dissolving marriage may have to deal with the divorce firsthand, their children also have to manage many divorce-related issues in addition to their everyday responsibilities. One way that Stockton parents can try to help ease the burden of divorce on their kids is by having the children’s financial needs proactively addressed.

Child support is the legal mechanism through which a noncustodial parent may provide financial support to his or her child. It is generally made through periodic payments, and it is directed to be used for the everyday expenses and necessities required to raise children. Some of the permissible uses of child support include but are not limited to food, housing, school expenses, medical care and extracurricular activities.

Without a solid child support plan, a child may have to endure the divorce of his parents and the loss of opportunities to participate in the sports, music and school activities he embraced when his parents were married. A solid court-recognized plan for paying for the post-divorce needs of children can prevent kids of divorce from suffering overwhelming woes.

Child support arrangements may be established in divorce-related agreements or may be directly ordered by divorce courts. Parents often are the best judges of their kids’ best interests and for this reason many divorcing couples choose to establish their own child support agreements before having those agreements approved by California courts. The lawyers of Dianne Drew Butlers & Associates are poised to assist new and existing family law clients with their child support and divorce-based legal needs.