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Child support helps children transition after parents' divorce

The attorneys and staff of Dianne Drew Butler & Associates recognize the challenges that all members of a family may experience when two people divorce. Though the individuals subject to the dissolving marriage may have to deal with the divorce firsthand, their children also have to manage many divorce-related issues in addition to their everyday responsibilities. One way that Stockton parents can try to help ease the burden of divorce on their kids is by having the children's financial needs proactively addressed.

Remarriage ends an alimony obligation

Most people believe that their marriages will last forever, but for many Californians this is simply not the case. Divorce is a prevalent practice for those individuals who believe that their lives will improve if they sever their legal ties to their marital partners. While divorce can provide some with a new beginning in their lives, for others divorce brings about the end of a marriage but not the end of a person's connection to a former spouse.

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard head for high asset divorce

Johnny Depp is a popular actor who, as part of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, has entertained California residents for a number of years. Just last year he married Amber Heard, a fellow actor, but their union was not to last. Heard recently filed for divorce from Depp and alleged that he had subjected her to physical abuse.

What are my options for addressing late child support payments?

As has been addressed on this San Joaquin County family law blog, child support is the payment of money from one parent to another for the support and maintenance of their shared children. Generally a noncustodial parent is required to provide child support; that is to say that if a child does not live with a parent or if a parent does not have physical custody of a child then that parent will be required to pay support for the child's upbringing. Though both parents are generally expected to provide for their kids, custodial parents do so on a daily basis through physical contact with their children.

Not all couples, divorces are well-suited to mediation

Couples in California may pursue divorce through either litigation in the courts or mediation with a mediator. Though there are many ways that mediation can facilitate successful divorces for some people, not every couple is well-suited for the mediation process. There are a host of reasons that may prevent divorcing couples from successfully ending their marriages through mediation, and this blog post will explore only a few of them.

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