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Children are entitled to the enforcement of child support orders

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2016 | Child Support, Firm News |

Battles between parents in California about child support obligations can sometimes overshadow the entire point of having child support orders in place: the financial sustenance of the child born to the individuals. Having a child support order enforced is not just about compelling one parent to do something that he or she may not want to do, but rather to make sure the child gets what he or she needs from the people who are legally responsible for caring for them. Because the best interests of the child are paramount when it comes to having child support orders enforced, courts are often willing to compel compliance in favor of children.

The attorneys of the law firm of Dianne Drew Butler & Associates understand that it takes more than love to raise children in California. Though money is not everything, it is necessary to provide food, shelter and other basic necessities for children. Having a child support order enforced can mean the difference between a child having what he or she needs and a child living in a difficult financial situation.

The process of having a child support order enforced is often unique to the individuals bound to the particular legal mandate. For this reason, individuals who wish to have their children’s orders enforced can benefit from discussing their cases with lawyers who make child support enforcement a part of their legal practices. Dianne Drew Butler & Associates handle all legal matters related to the creation of child support orders as well as their enforcement.

Raising a child is challenging, and doing so without the financial support a child is entitled to can make it even more demanding. The failure to pay child support can give a custodial parent the right to pursue payments on behalf of his or her child from the noncustodial parent. This child support overview may be useful to California parents wanting to learn more about child support.