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Permanent alimony is a long-term obligation

Alimony, also called spousal support, is the payment of financial support from one individual to another after the end of their marriage. In California a husband or wife can be obligated to a former spouse under a variety of forms of alimony. One such form of alimony is permanent alimony, and as its name implies it can be an obligation that lasts for a long period of time.

Children are entitled to the enforcement of child support orders

Battles between parents in California about child support obligations can sometimes overshadow the entire point of having child support orders in place: the financial sustenance of the child born to the individuals. Having a child support order enforced is not just about compelling one parent to do something that he or she may not want to do, but rather to make sure the child gets what he or she needs from the people who are legally responsible for caring for them. Because the best interests of the child are paramount when it comes to having child support orders enforced, courts are often willing to compel compliance in favor of children.

Divorce mediation can be a wise financial decision

A divorce does not only remove a relationship from a person's life, it can also remove a great deal of wealth from a person's portfolio. Part of the divorce process involves splitting up the assets that the partner's to a couple shared during their period of marriage. In California, couples who choose to end their relationships may do so through traditional litigation or through divorce mediation.

Can my spouse and I just mediate our property division?

Divorce mediation is an alternative way for a California couple to approach the end of their marriage. Unlike litigation, which used to be the traditional way that many people chose for completing their divorces, in mediation a couple takes control of their own decision-making processes and works together to settle their shared divorce legal issues. During mediation, the couple may choose to address all of the decisions they will need to make in order to bring about the end of the marriage. Mediation may also just be used for some parts of the couple's divorce, such as settling child custody arrangements or establishing a settlement for the couple's property.

Remembering insurance policies during divorce

Insurance is often seen as an infuriating expense to those who must pay its premiums. For example, a California resident may have to pay hundreds of dollars every year in order to maintain mandatory insurance for his vehicle. That money may seem like it could be put to better use, but if that individual is ever involved in a car accident, his insurance may save him from being personally liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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