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Fighting for the child support your child deserves

Individuals throughout California may have begun working on New Year's resolutions during the last several weeks. For many people, resolutions are goals that may be easier to write down than to actually achieve. While it is appropriate to let some resolutions slide, there are certain goals that individuals should commit to as 2016 approaches.

Supreme Court weighs in on complex child custody case

The Supreme Court of the United States may review cases that arise under a number of circumstances and there are a number of paths that California residents may follow to see their legal matters resolved in those chambers. The Supreme Court has jurisdiction over matters that arise under the Constitution of the United States, that arise in conflicts between different states, that arise between parties who live in separate states and that arise from conflicts related to other scenarios. Recently, the Supreme Court reviewed a unique child custody matter that arose between two separate states and affected the rights of two same-sex parents.

Mediation gives parties more control during divorce

Going through a divorce can make a person feel as though she has very little control over the events of her life. The process of her divorce is often governed by the rules of the court and the laws of the state in which she lives. If she and her soon-to-be ex-spouse had a prenuptial agreement, some of the property-based decisions about the marital dissolution may be established even before the first court hearings.

Can domestic violence charges bar my child custody chances?

Difficult family situations can arise when loved ones find themselves embroiled in arguments. All throughout Stockton, parents have battled with each other over issues that they feel are important to their families, and parents and children have argued over topics as minor as what to wear and as major as children's behavior.

A couple's standard of living considered when determining alimony

When a California court makes a determination about long-term or permanent alimony, it must evaluate a number of considerations stipulated in the California Family Code. One of those considerations focuses on the standard of living that the couple experienced during the marriage.

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