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Celebrity couple chooses mediation for its divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2015 | Divorce Mediation, Firm News |

This California family law blog has dedicated prior posts to discussing both the benefits and potential drawbacks of using mediation to bring about the end of a marriage. While divorce mediation may not be for all couples, those who are able to work together often find that their divorce resolutions are peaceful and that they are satisfied with the outcomes of the process. One celebrity couple that has recently filed for divorce appears to have chosen divorce mediation as the path through which they will sever their relationship.

Actors Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez were married since 2013 and have one child. Recently they each filed divorce paperwork to end their marriage; they have since decided to use mediation to disentangle their lives. By working together rather than against each other in a traditional courtroom divorce, the individuals may hope to create a more positive post-divorce atmosphere for their child and themselves.

Though often less hostile than a courtroom divorce, the use of mediation for a divorce does not guarantee a complete absence of challenges. Couples who use mediation may still disagree and argue over aspects of their divorces, such as property divisions or child custody schedules. When couples cannot make mediation work for them, they can transition their divorces over to the traditional courtroom process.

As Berry and Martinez end their marriage, they will attempt to do so in a collaborative, amicable way. Divorce mediation presents couples with its own difficulties, but those who are able to work within its procedures are often pleased with their results. Individuals who would like to learn more about divorce mediation and how it may serve their own divorce plans can always choose to speak with California divorce attorneys who include mediation in their legal practices.

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