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Are you in need of rehabilitative support?

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2015 | Alimony, Firm News |

Depending upon the circumstances of a California couple’s divorce, spousal support may be available for one of the involved parties. Support or spousal maintenance generally takes the form of a monthly payment that is provided from an income-earning individual to his or her ex-spouse for a period of time that is established by the couple’s divorce court as well as is outlined in California law. There are a variety of kinds of support that a person may receive from his or her ex, and one of those kinds of spousal support is called rehabilitative support.

In California, individuals who go through divorce but who are not prepared to re-enter the workforce without training or added education can sometimes be awarded rehabilitative support. Due to the inherent challenges that a person who has dedicated much of his or her life to caring for his family may face when he or she tries to get a job, rehabilitative support can help that person prepare for a new career and opportunities to secure gainful employment.

If you are preparing for a divorce and are afraid the difficulties that you will face when it comes time for you to seek post-divorce employment, consider speaking with a California family law attorney now. The attorneys of Dianne Drew Butler & Associates work in the family law field and can assist you in evaluating the financial circumstances you may face when your divorce is ultimately finalized.

Rehabilitative support is only one form of spousal support that a person may receive after a California divorce. Different forms of alimony or spousal support are intended to serve different purposes for the people receiving monthly and lump sum payments; let the law firm of Dianne Drew Butler & Associates help you understand your eligibility for rehabilitative support or another type of alimony.