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Are there benefits to using mediation for my custody proceeding?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2015 | Divorce Mediation, Firm News |

There are many benefits to using mediation during a California child custody matter. Some of those benefits are financial while others are more intangible and emotional. This post will explore some of the major advantages parties can derive from the mediated custody process.

One big advantage of using mediation for child custody matters is its potential to save people the valued resources of time and money. Courtroom deliberations for child custody matters can be very drawn out and can cost a great deal of money when lawyers on both sides are involved. In mediation, the parties appear before a neutral, unbiased mediator who helps them come to a custody and visitation schedule that they can both live with. Unlike courtroom hearings, mediation sessions can be scheduled quickly and can provide relatively fast results to family law matters.

Another advantage of mediation is that it often does not involve significant adversity. Mediation is an opportunity for parents to talk out their differences and expectations for their kids and their custody schedules. Unlike in a courtroom where parents are pitted against each other before a judge, in mediation parents can work together to come up with good resolutions to their child custody needs.

Finally, many people find mediation to be less stressful than courtroom procedures. Mediation is not easy; people have to confront challenging issues and find compromise on matters that may be of paramount importance to them. However, when individuals are able to see past their differences and can put their children’s needs first, mediation can be a very rewarding and emotionally satisfying process. Family law mediators work all throughout California and are available to meet to discuss how mediation can serve the interests of California families.