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Choose legal professionals that understand divorce mediation

On Behalf of | May 8, 2015 | Divorce Mediation, Firm News |

All throughout San Joaquin County there are professionals who work in a variety of fields. There are doctors and mechanics, pharmacists and bankers, and hundreds of others who work in diverse industries. Individuals who are looking for products or services can generally find someone in the right field with whom to begin their searches for what they need.

Although some needs are general, others are specific. Someone with a cold may be able to work with a general practitioner to find a remedy, but someone with a heart problem may need a cardiologist in order to secure relief. When a person’s need is specific rather than broad, he may not always be well-served by working with a professional in generally the right field but who is not attuned to his particular necessity.

This situation holds true as well when it comes to matters of the law. While any family law attorney may be able to address some of the divorce issues a person may face during his legal dilemma, not all will be prepared to support a client through a mediated divorce. Divorce mediation is not universally practiced by all family law attorneys throughout California.

Whether a person plans to use mediation for an uncontested divorce or for one with significant pending questions, he has the right to secure legal counsel that provides him with sound guidance on the nuances of mediation in the family law realm. Finding the right attorney can take time, especially when a person wants to locate a representative who includes divorce mediation as part of his or her practice.

The law firm of Dianne Drew Butler & Associates serves individuals working through family law matters in the greater San Joaquin County and Stockton region. The firm’s attorneys work as divorce mediators as well as divorce litigators for individuals who choose to pursue their marital dissolutions through traditional courtroom hearings. With the recognition that different divorces can unfold in different ways, the law firm’s attorneys can address their clients’ specific legal needs through either litigation or divorce mediation, or both.