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On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2015 | Child Support, Firm News |

The state of California has established a set of guidelines that courts follow when determining how much child support a parent should be responsible for providing to his or her child. These guidelines delve into the tax statuses, income information, benefits eligibility, saving and retirement planning and other financial assets and liabilities of the parents. Pulling together all of this information can be tricky and in some cases individuals make mistakes when attempting to satisfy the requirements of the child support guidelines.

At the law firm of Dianne Drew Butler & Associates, our clients have the benefit direct support from a professional legal team. Our firm uses Dissomaster, a computer program that California courts have approved for gathering information and calculating child support payments that satisfy the state’s guidelines. With professional help and technical guidance, our firm can help you take some of the challenges away from establishing an appropriate child support payment situation for you, your former partner and your shared children.

Child support is intended to help children thrive after a marriage ends or a relationship is no longer feasible. To this end, both parents are generally expected to stay involved financially in the upbringing of their children after they part ways. Using the right tools and securing the right help from the beginning of the child support calculations process can ensure that your children’s financial needs, as well as their best interests, are met.

California’s child support guidelines can be confusing to sort through on your own. However, with the right legal support appropriate child support calculations can be made to serve your kids’ needs. Parents can visit our website on calculating child support and family law to learn more about how our legal practice can assist California families.