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Couples’ options for unsettled issues during divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2015 | Divorce Mediation, Firm News |

It is not uncommon for Stockton couples to come to mutual understandings that the ends of their marriages have arrived. Though some partnerships truly last until one member of the relationship passes away, others decide that the lives they once lived have sufficiently changed to warrant ending their legal bonds. Divorce mediation is often a good option for partners whose marriages end in non-hostile, non-confrontational ways.

However, even the most amicable marital dissolution can become contentious when hot button issues such as child custody and support are placed on the negotiation table. When disagreement becomes part of divorce mediation, the positive bonds that once compelled a couple to work together on its separation may break down. A couple may feel caught in a process that no longer meets their wants and needs.

First, it is important for couples to understand that it is not uncommon for disagreement to appear in a mediation setting. When disputes arise, couples have options. They can choose to set disagreeable matters aside until they have had more time to think about them. They can also choose to seek a court’s intervention for just those problems. When dispute threatens the overall success of divorce mediation, a couple may choose to end the process and have their complete divorce litigated before a family law judge.

Any couple planning to divorce may find itself experiencing disagreement between its partners. Disagreement can be a cause of divorce and even when couples seek peaceful, mediated ends to their partnerships, conflict can weigh heavily upon them. No person should feel as though he has had to settle on a matter important to his family; for this reason divorce mediation is a fluid process that offers individuals options for settling their end-of-marriage issues. Attorneys who practice divorce mediation can help couples better understand the mediation and litigation options they have for terminating their marriages.