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Consider divorce mediation to alleviate separation stressors

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2014 | Divorce Mediation, Firm News |

Every state has different divorce laws that mandate residency requirements, filing fees and other terms of completing the legal termination of a marriage. California is no different. Individuals contemplating divorce may wonder how a California divorce compares to one completed in another state.

A recent article published on Forbes.com pulls together data on state divorces laws and uses variety of sources in its analyses. California is featured in the article and the results of the analyses may surprise some people. The state is profiled as one of the seven worst states in the country for getting a divorce.

California makes this unfortunate list for two main reasons. First, it has the highest divorce filing fees in the nation at nearly $400. Second, individuals must wait for six months after filing to move their divorces forward due to the state’s mandatory “cooling off” period.

The article identifies Vermont as the worst state in the nation for people seeking divorces. It requires parties to live apart for six months before a divorce can proceed and imposes other legally mandated burdens. Regardless of where a person lives, divorce is difficult due the financial challenges of separating a household, the emotion toll of ending a relationship and the legal troubles of meeting a state’s statutory requirements.

Individuals facing divorce issues in California do have options. Many couples have turned to divorce mediation to help streamline their divorce processes, regardless of what timelines the courts place on their proceedings. Divorce mediators practice throughout the state and can provide couples with fair guidance on bringing disputes to their ends and making resolutions into realities.

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