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Creating a positive co-parent relationship following divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2014 | Child Custody, Firm News |

During a divorce, the proceedings can get heated. People are often divorcing because they can no longer be in a productive and happy relationship. They may wish that they never had to deal with their ex-spouse again. In some cases, once the divorce proceedings are over, California residents don’t have a reason to be in each other’s lives. They can move forward in completely separate directions.

However, when the couple has children, they are bonded together — whether or not they like it — for the rest of their lives. In particular, when the children are young, these individuals will need to work together to raise their children as best as they can under the circumstances. While child custody disputes are common, California couples need to find a way to move past the pain and become co-parents.

Experts suggest that people focus on the positive when trying to develop a co-parenting relationship. People should try to remember all the ways that their ex-spouse was a good parent and all the ways that an ex-spouses new partner enhances those parenting skills. Experts say that parents should also talk up these good skills and their ex-spouse’s other good qualities to their children. This will help everyone remember how important both parents are to the children.

While talking to the children is important, experts warn people to keep discussions about co-parenting issues to a minimum with other people. Including other people — even new partners — in co-parenting discussions can create difficulties. People need to remember that only the opinion of the parents really counts.

Working towards a good co-parenting relationship can be difficult. However, with the right help, and a solid child custody agreement, it is possible for parents to work together to fulfill the best interests of their children.

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