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The changing demographic of spousal support requests

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2013 | Alimony, Firm News |

California readers may be accustomed to news of celebrity divorces. What makes today’s story unusual, however, is the surprising lack of financial planning exhibited by the couple.

According to one estimate, the marital estate of Bruce and Kris Jenner may be as much as $235 million. Although couples may sometimes come into prosperity several years into their marriage, that’s not the case here. Rather, Jenner was already an Olympic gold medalist — and beneficiary of several advertisement endorsement deals — when he married his spouse in 1991.

However, the tables may have turned when Jenner decided to be the caregiver who stayed at home with the couple’s two children. According to his attorney, Jenner put his own motivational speaking and training business on hold to be the primary caregiver.

The notable aspect to this story is that a former Olympic champion may be the alimony recipient. Due to the changing demographic in America’s workplaces, a spousal support lawyer might agree that such requests may come from either spouse in recent divorces.

Although attitudes about alimony and spousal support are changing, a family law judge will often inquire about the context of a couple’s relationship when evaluating such requests. Awards may be either temporary or permanent in nature. Factors that may weigh in favor of an alimony award include a spouse who gave up his or her own career for the good of the family, the length of the marriage, the household’s standard of living, and the caregiver spouse’s prospects of resuming his or her career.

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